Sunday, August 28, 2011

Just a Swinging

Liberty likes to swing! Hunter doesn't know it yet, but we used his swing set to play in!
It looks like she is really swinging fast here, but she really wasn't. She finally has enough hair that it blows in the wind! So cute!!

Working Hard

Saturday, the guys were working hard taking the roof off of Andy & Kelly's house. The guys came down for lunch at moms, and they were starting to get giddy from the heat. Andy was having muscle cramps in his hands and it was making it a little difficult to eat lunch when he couldn't even grip the fork. After lunch, they were back at it again. Mom, Liberty, and I served them a treat later in the afternoon. ROOTBEER FLOATS!
Here is a few pics of the guys taking a break to enjoy the floats.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Weekend Plans

Friday: Not doing to much. I went and had my hair done at the Hairport. I was going to do the Brazilian Blowout again, but she offered me a cheaper version with the same results. I figured why not, for $100 less. I just hope it holds like the other.
Liberty and I then went and visited my mom at home. She had her meniscus repaired on Monday, so she is hanging around the house. We shucked corn and took it off the cob so she could freeze it for the upcoming year.
Saturday: Abe is going golfing with a bunch of his college buddies. He is so excited to see them, he had to do into work early yesterday to practice his gold swings! Liberty and I will probably head down to moms house again. I am on call that night so I will try to find some time to take a nap during the day in case I get called in.
Sunday: Nothing planned at the moment. I think my brother and his wife might be planning on taking off the roof of their house this weekend, so this might be in our agenda. They are building up on their house very soon!!
Hope you all have a great weekend, and get out and enjoy the BEAUTIFUL weather we are having!

11 Years Already!!

Today I am celebrating the day Abe "decided" he would go out with me when we were in High School! He was a good friend of my brother Andy, so he wasn't sure if he should cross the "sister of my guy friend" line, but I eventually wore him down.

My niece Ashley is entering her sophmore year of high school, and it is REALLY hard to believe that I was her age when I met Abe and began dating him! I look at her and think there is no way she can have a boyfriend and think she is "in love" and be with him forever. And then I remember, at that age I was and I still am!

Here is a pic of us at our first PROM in 2001. Yes, I have blonde hair, and yes Abe does have hair (hahaha)!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lets Do This Thing!

Ok...I am gonna give this a try! I can't promise how often the posts will come, or if they will even be worth reading...but at least I can say I tried!!
Here are a few tid bits about me and my family:
Born: Novemeber 21, 1984
Education: Maries R-1 High School 2003 & Central Methodist Universtiy 2007
Occupation: RN at St. Mary's Health Center for 4+ years on the Surgical Floor
Married: September 12, 2009 to Abe Rowden
Children: Liberty Jewell Rowden born November 11, 2010
Liberty at 3 month
Liberty at 6 months
Liberty at 9 months
So that's the quick update, so please stay tuned for more posts in the future!!