Sunday, September 25, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

Weekend Happenings

Friday: Abe had a fishing tourney, so Liberty and I went to the Eagles and ate dinner with some of my family. Steve & Amanda were in town from Georgia, and this would be the last time they will visit unitl the new baby girl gets here in November!! It was great to see her and her baby bump, little Eli, and of course Steve.
Saturday: Abe had day 2 of the fishing tourney that morning (they ended up placing 2nd!), so it was just Liberty and I hanging at the house. Abe got home about 3 pm, and then left for his mom's house for some party at 4 pm. He took Liberty with him because I was having a girl's night out with some friends!! I was invited to a friends 27th birthday party which included a Pure Romance presentation! If you haven't been to one, they sure are a good time!
Sunday: Abe left bright and early for a golf tourney in Jefferson City. It was a benefit for someone that died a while back. He ended up getting the best shot, so he won a new set of golf clubs! Just what I need, for him to have another hobby! Liberty & I went to visit my mom all day. We helped bake some chocolate chip cookies, made some mini-lasagnas (thank you PINTEREST!), and also a batch of chicken & dumplings!! YUMMY!! We were all sent home fat & happy!
Sunday was also my nephew Hunter's 3rd Birthday!!! This photo was from some time ago!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Garage Sale Finds!!

Here are the great finds I found at the Wardsville garage sales on Thursday!
I got this kids table with 2 chairs and a toy box that fits underneath it. Liberty seems to like it already!
The pile of clothes I got for Liberty! That one pair of jeans was Abe's pile!
A super cute rocking horse I got! Liberty has been riding it already!
Liberty's play kitchen!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mini Pancakes!

Saturday Morning Favorites!!
Bubble Guppies! Her new favorite show on Nickolodeon!
Mini Pancakes!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Weekend Recap

Friday: We didn't do anything Friday night because Abe had drill all weekend. We started to watch a movie-Gulliver's Travels with Jack Black- but neither of us were even remotely interested in watching it. So we ended up turning if off and went to bed.
Saturday: Abe had drill all day and Liberty and I went to my parents house. She stayed the night there so Abe & I could go out for our Anniversary which is on Monday! We went to eat at Colton's, and checked out the movie theaters. Nothing was playing that we wanted to see so we went car shopping instead!!
Sunday: Abe had I went to get Liberty at my mom's. Liberty turned 10 months old, so I had a little photo session at their house. Later that day we went fishing, ate a good dinner, and went home! It was a good relaxing day!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 Months Old!!

Liberty had a well check appt yesterday morning. All they did was get her height, weight, and do a quick run thru to make sure all was ok! NO SHOTS this time!!
Here are her 10 months stats:
Height: 27.5 inches (60%)
Weight: 17.6 lbs (25%) Long & Lean
Here is a few shots of our little photo session!

Happy 2 Year Anniversary!!

2 Wonderful Years Today!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Photo Time

So, with this nice weather I just had to get Liberty outside and try to take some 1o month pictures! I am no professional, and I have to give them credit because finding the right light where she wouldn't be blinded by the sun or have a huge shadow on her face was next to impossible. But I thought I got some cute simple ones! Take a look!!

Monday, September 5, 2011


I could never find a cartoon on TV that Liberty ever seemed remotely interested in. I could turn on a cartoon, she might tune in for a few seconds, but that was all she cared for. But this morning, I turned on Dora the Explorer, and she shot across the living room at lightning speed and pulled her self up on the entertainment center and was in awe! She was smiling from ear to ear and jumpning up and down. I am not sure if she has ever watched it before at the sitters or at Grandma's, but I have never seen her so excited for the TV.

Busy, Busy....

It always seems like this is the last weekend of the summer, so we have to jam pack it with activities for one last HOORAY! So here is what we were doing over the busy weekend!
I know, I know! The Maries County Fair was in town, but we ended up not going. It did seem kinda weird not going to the Demo Derby, I think we have gone every year in the past. But we had some things around the house to do, and we knew we were going to be gone all weekend so we stayed around the house and worked.
Mom and & got up early and hit some garage sales in Jefferson City. Unfortunately there weren't too many, so we didn't get alot of stuff. Liberty got a few clothes, I got one pair of jeans, and thats about it. We hit up Walmart and came home. Later that evening, Abe, Liberty and I went to his dad's house and went fishing. Abe's birthday was the next day, so he had to catch some fish for the dinner.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ABE!! He turned 28 today. I hung a birthday card from Liberty's mobile in her crib for Abe in the morning. I think he was surprised to see it! I meant to get a picture of the two of the them, but I forgot :(
First, we hit the parade in town. Liberty seemed to have enjoyed it. I was surprised that she didn't cry when the fire trucks and ambulances came thru with their sirens on. But she just say there and watched.
She liked to clap as people were walking by us & she did get a few treats!!
After the parade, we headed to Rick & Nancy's for Abe's birthday lunch and some visiting with the family! Later that night, we headed to the Fair to see the Jane Dear Girls concert and let Liberty have her first fair experience! And the funnel cakes of course!! She liked riding around in the stroller and looking at all the sites, and she loved the funnel cake!! That's my girl :) She did really great at her first concert and was standing on my lap jumping up and down and clapping most of the time! We got a good kick out of watching her have a good time!
We headed to the Osage River to celebrate my Grandma's birthday! The weather was a total change from the day before, but it was so WONDERFUL outside. We did have to dig out the long sleeves and pants for Liberty so that she could stay warm. She loves being outside :)
Delaney & Liberty playing with toys!